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“Three players, alone on a large open stage, filling every crevice with their rich imaginatively conceived musics.”
-Los Angeles Time-
 “ Trio Voronezh stole the show with its virtuosity, humor, and close harmonic brilliance . . . “

“A nearly symphonic sound!”

          Schwabische Zeitung Leutkirch

 "Russian trio brings many genres, and crowds, to life......"

          By Don Heckman Special to The 
          “Los Angeles Times”.
"Subtle, playful, brilliant-hot, classy, fresh."
 The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon.

“The repertoire of the three Russians left nothing to be desired so far as artistic diversity was concerned. They built a spectacular bridge into the realm of jazz and Latin American playing styles. Their monstrous dexterity alone was breathtaking, as was their fabulous emotional power, and the possibility of a precise, well-unified and yet splendidly uncramped and carefree ensemble playing. Finally, the members of the trio displayed an uncompromising devotion to the music, which blossomed without thir losing any control of their playing. One could call it a controlled exuberance that transported the audience from the very beginning.”

Heidenheimer Zeitung

“If there were just the phenomenal mastery of their instruments, just the clockwork precision of their ensemble playing, one might respect them and move on. But this young Russian Trio can do more: It can enchant and elate an audience.”

                              Sudwestpresse Ulm

Don Heckman of the Los Angeles Times beautifully sums up a performance: 

“The traditional pieces soon brought the crowd to life, clapping enthusiastically as the rhythms accelerated and Volokhin's fingers flew across his domra. Petrukhin, his body moving in sync with his deep bass notes, and Teleshev, magisterially pulling everything together within the lush sounds of his bajan, completed the picture -- three players, alone on a large open stage, filling every crevice with their rich, imaginatively conceived music."

--- “Los Angeles Times”

Русское трио из Америки в Белгороде

  Началом очередного концертного сезона в Белгородской государственной филармонии стало выступление

«Трио Воронеж» (Калифорния, США) в составе: Владимир Волохин (малая домра), Сергей Телешев (баян), Валерий Петрухин(балалайка контрабас).

  Мастерство музыкантов, которое давно и по праву признано во всём мире, безоговорочно восхитило и белгородскую публику. Она по достоинству оценила и виртуозность каждого исполнителя, и безупречную культуру ансамблевой игры (в частности, восхитительное владение ансамблевым rubato), и безукоризненно-точное ощущение звука, и богатую эмоционально-смысловую палитру номеров программы.

Специально для А-фишки, муз. обозреватель БГФ

Нина Синянская

"Volokhin is a Paganini of the Domra, a three-stringed mandolinlike instrument, that he plays as if cradligh a doll. Teleshev handles the bajan, a button accordion, with dazzling fingers, and Petrukhin puts his whole body into each strum of the oversized bouble-bass balalaika."


“Together they create arrangements of everything from Bach and Shostakovich to tangos, popular music, Russian folk music and even bluegrass. The amazing thing is how well this combination of instruments works in all these genres.

The sounds alone are plenty to captivate the ear. Along with that gorgeous double-bass balalaika, the domra, with its soprano range and bell-like tones, and the impressive, organlike bajan. The combination is breathtaking...”

By Susan L. Pena

Reading Eagle correspondent

“When Trio Voronezh appeared in the Heilandskirche, all of our expectations for the concert were exceeded. Both as soloist and in ensemble the young Russians displayed such fiery virtuosity and temperament that the audience again and again applauded and yelled”Bravo!”. It is hard to say what was more amazing: the dextrous fingering of the domra (mandolin like) and accordion bajan (button accordion), the skillful instrumentation, the memory of the musicians (the whole program was played from  memory), or the high level of ensemble playing and the way they listened to one another.”


Russian trio wows local concert audience

"The delighted audience gave a standing ovation not just once, but twice. The Trio Voronezh bowed politely at each round of applause and performed as energetically at the end as at the beginning of the show." Read More...

— Bette McFarren, La Junta Tribune-Democrat

Trio Voronezh shows prowess on unusual instruments in Birmingham concert

"It was an unlikely combination for a Vivaldi concerto movement, but it worked. Each musician displayed musical prowess and virtuosity, making this Baroque staple seem Russian somehow. Dances by Tchaikovsky (from 'The Nutcracker'), Shostakovich (from 'Bolt') and Khachaturian ('Sabre Dance') were more in character, the trio capturing their energy and humor and projecting their Russian spirit." Read More...

— Michael Huebner, Birmingham News

Ballet with a twist

"Performing with the flamboyant Trio Voronezh, he said, is 'Awesome. Awesome! I feel right at home. These guys are such skilled musicians -- their music is so dynamic -- who wouldn't want to dance to it?'" Read More...

— Bob Keefer, Eugene Register-Guard