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  "The Magic of Accordion":  New Album by Sergei Teleshev presents his abilities to beautifully interpret pieces that range from the baroque works of J.S.Bach, to jazz.... and even today's "new age" music, all intimately rendered on the accordion - a magical instrument.

1.J.S. Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor

2.J. Colombo/ T. Murena Indifference

3.S. Teleshev Movie Suite Part 1 Trip to Vegas

4.S. Teleshev Movie Suite Part 2 Foreign Accordionist

5.S. Teleshev Movie Suite Part 3 Ruby’s song

6.S. Teleshev Movie Suite Part 4 Vegas Strip

7.R. Galliano Waltz for Nicky

8.R. Galliano New York Tango

9.V. Chernikov Voronezh Cowboy

10.A. Musiyuk/ A. Lisker/ S. Sorokin Fly with Me

11.C. Chaplin Smile

12.J.S. Bach Fugue in C

First CD:
A. Vivaldi Concerto for Two Mandolins in G-major (first movement)
A. Vivaldi-J. S. Bach Concerto in d-minor
J.S. Bach Scherzo from suite in b-minor
W.A. Mozart "Eine Kleine Naht Music"
P. Tchaikovsky Russian Dance
D. Shostakovich Polka from the ballet "The Age of Gold"
A. Shnitke Gogol-suite a) Childhood of Chichikov, b) Overcoat, c) Bureaucrats.
S. Rachmaninov Vocalize.
A. Piazzolla Michelangelo.
P. Sarasate Finale from "Carmen Suite"
  "Trio Voronezh":  features sixteen favorites from their concert appearances, including selections by Shostakovich, Bach, French composer Richard Galliano—and Argentinean composer A. Piazzolla.

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  Trio Voronezh “Special Arrangement”,  features seventeen favorites from their concert appearances, including selections by Shostakovich, Mozart, Tchaikovsky—and Sergei’s masterful solo performance of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor.

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  Trio Voronezh “Live in New Orleans”:   double CD,  recorded from live performance at University of New Orleans Performing  Arts Center.

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Trio Voronezh "Simply Classic":  offers nine selections from a wide variety of composers, from Bach and Vivaldi to Rachmaninoff and Astor Piazzola. Includes their special arrangement of Gershwin favorites! "

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1. R. Galliano "Waltz for Nicky"
2. Dmitri Shostakovich "Burlesque"
3. Dmitri Shostakovich "Polka" from the ballet "Bolt"
4. J.S. Bach "Double Concerto in D-minor"
5. A. Khachaturian "Sabre Dance"
6. A. Piazzolla "Undertango"
7. A. Piazzolla "Oblivion"
1. Alexander Zigankov "Two Step"
2. Dmitri Shostakovich Polka from the Ballet “The Age of Gold" 
3. Yuri Romanov "Russian Waltz"
4. Traditional "Moonlight"
5. Igor Stravinsky Polka
6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Deutscher Tanz
7. Traditional Argentine Dance
1.  Antonio Vivaldi Concerto for Two Mandolins in G-Major-First Movement 
Sergei Rachmaninoff Vocalise
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dream
Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto in a-minor-First Movement
Pablo Sarasate Finale from Carmen Fantasy Op.25
Sergei Prokofiev March from the opera "The Love for Three Oranges"
Astor Piazzola Undertango
George Gershwin Summertime
9. Georfe Gershwin Classic Variations to Gershwin Themes

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 PETER and the WOLF, Stories in Music”


Stephen Simon, Conductor

Yadu, Narrator

Peter and Wolf, the greatest of works for narrator and orchestra, joins Magic Maestro Music's delightful Stories in Music series as the London Philharmonic, conductor Stephen Simon and narrator Yadu, great a magical listening experience. Additional tracks about Prokofiev, what to listen for in the music, and wonderful Russian folk music transform this into a modern classic.

For more information you can visit:  MAGIC MESTRO MUSIC


“Trio Voronezh”

1. A. Vivaldi  Concerto in G

2. F. Mendelssohn  Midsummer Night's Dream

3. P. Tchaikovsky  Russian Dance

4. A. Piazzolla   Michelangelo 70

5. Schubert  Moment Musicale

6. A. Schnittke  Gogol Suite

7. D. Shostakovich  Age of Gold

8. A. Tsygankov   Tchastushka

9. Traditional Argentinian Dance

10. A. Tsygankov  Ragtime

11. G. Gershwin  Medley

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8.  A. Piazzolla "Michelangelo 70"       
9.  J. Strauss "Polka Pizzikato"
10. V. Chernikov "Otrada"
11. A. Timoshenko "Wheat in the Field"
12. A. Zigankov "Mardiandia"
13. A. Bizov "Jewish Dance"
14. A. Na Un Kin "Grandmother's Goat"
15. "Bluegrass Tune"
16. R. Galliano "New York Tango"
8. Franz Peter Schubert Moment Musicale
Antonio Vivaldi arranged  by J.S.Bach 
     Finale from the Concerto in d-minor
J. S. Bach Toccata and Fugue in d-minor
Alexander Zigankov "Tchastushka"
12. P. I. Tchaikovsky Russian Dance
13. J. S. Bach Scherzo from the Suite in b-minor
14. Alexander Zigankov "Dunya"
15. Traditional Kalinka
16. Velasquez Besame Mucho
17. Alexander Zigankov Ragtime
Second  CD:
A. Zigankov "Two Step"
U. Romanov "Russian Waltz"
A. Zigankov "Tchastushka"
Traditional Argentine Dance.
A. Zigankov " Dunya"
G. Gershwin Classical variations to Gershwin themes.
L. Anderson "Fiddle-Faddle"
Velasques "Besame Mucho"
Traditional "Kalinka"
 A. Zigankov “Russian Ragtime”

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